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  1. Jo Fowler says:


    I run a choir the Tenovus cancer Care choir in Barry for Cancer patients and their families, and am looking for some special performance opportunities. We get a lot of gigs offered to us but they are often small community affairs, and I feel the choir would enjoy and benefit from a ‘sparkly’ gig, that will challenge them and give them something really special to work towards.

    I wondered whether it might be possible to get involved with the Barry arts festival this summer, or whether you know of any other musical concerts/events in the pipeline which we might be able to get involved in?

    The choir sing a range of uplifting songs and have an absolute blast doing so. We always go down a roaring success at concerts, so we won’t disappoint!

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many Thanks
    Jo Fowler (choir leader)

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